Pam Kueny Taylor - assemblages

As a child, Pam would spend endless hours painting rocks, beading, drawing, or building things out of everyday objects.

“I have always been working on some kind of art project. As an adult, my passions have been glass work, copper sculptures and wood working.

I find myself very much drawn to Steampunk and Alternative art.” said Kueny-Taylor.

“That is how my birds got started. They have many of the elements that I have always loved through the years of creating, and have now incorporated into this body of work."


Peace    $370

Holmes    $380

Anchors Aweigh    $360

Into the Wild Blue Yonder    $450

On to Better Days    $320

Into the Wild Blue Yonder detail

Most of the birds are vintage, hand carved and hand painted. Many of the fine details have been handcrafted to suit that particular bird.

Family Portrait     $380

Family Portrait    $380

No Pressure    $330

The Dapper Fellow    $330

Grim    $370


"Many of the bases for the birds are also vintage or antique, and finding just the right base for each bird is a fun and exciting part of creating the pieces." Pam explains.

Each feathered friend has a humorous title and is signed by the artist.

There are no two alike, and hidden on each creation you will also find the symbol for peace. 

Grade A    $380

Night Vision    $290

The Craftsman    $360

The Call    $230

Start Your Engines    $250

The pieces below here show the variety and scope of Pam Kueny Taylor's work. Filled with humor and clever puns, her work is sure to bring a smile to your face. And while these pieces have found loving homes, the gallery has an array of available work that is constantly replenished. Stop by and see Pam's latest creations!