JACOB KOHN - Painter

Jacob Kohn is continually drawn back to the watery places of the natural world.

“I have returned time and again to the realism of nature as a subject because it provides me with a visual language that best expresses the abstract energy and emotional color that I find essential in my art,” Kohn said.

The shifting forms created by moving water, the vibrant plant-life colors, the rich contrasts of pattern and hue in nature, and the effects of light on water give this artist plenty of elements for inspiration.

Darjeeling   oil on canvas   52 x 38"   $6,000

Lemon Zinger   oil on canvas   28 x 42"   $5,000

  Earl Grey    oil on canvas   42 x 28"   $5,000

Earl Grey   oil on canvas   42 x 28"   $5,000

Vanilla Spice  oil on canvas  42 x 28"  $5,000

"My primary visual interests are water and the phenomenal forms that reside upon and within the watery plane.  I love the tension created by objects such as leaves and lily pads as they hug the surface.  I am fascinated by the complicated levels of space created by trees, reeds, and other plants that are reflected in the water from above as they combine with vines, leaves, and fish looming just below the surface.

Golden Pond I    oil on canvas     12 x 42"     $2,400

Spice Lake     oil on canvas     43 x 50"     $4,000

There is a painterly quality to these constantly shifting forms that allows me to mix and blend an endless variety of invented colors that create rich and satisfying contrasts of pattern and hue." Kohn explains.

oil on canvas     55 x 24"     $3,800

Koi Gems     oil on canvas     15 x 21"     $1,400

Antwerp Koi     oil on canvas     15 x 22"     $1,400

"Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I wish to communicate my love of place and season to my viewer.  I sense that I am depicting subjects that are very familiar to my audience, calling them to witness the sublime effects of light on water, freezing these moments in time and space." 

Nympheas II     oil on canvas     37 x 57"     $6,000

Kohn has distinguished himself as one of the Northwest most celebrated realist painters, as well as having a distinguished career in academia. Currently he holds the Chair of the Design Department at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

Jacob's work hangs in the permanent collections of Bill and Melinda Gates, the Alaska State Art Commission, Salish Lodge, Microsoft Inc., United Bank of Houston, Jet West of Los Angeles, the Fairchild Corporation, University of Washington and the King County Art Commission, among many others. His work has been commissioned by Boeing Corp.; Children's, Overlake and Harborview Hospitals in Seattle; Hughes Aircraft, L.A. and Barney's New York.

Ebony Pool
oil on canvas     14 x 22"     $1,400

Olive Pool
oil on canvas     16 x 22"     $1,400

Lily Pond
oil on canvas     24 x 34"     $2,000

Teresa's Pond    oil on canvas     32 x 43"     $4,000

Lakewold II     oil on canvas     30 x 40"     $4,500

To purchase or inquire about Jacob Kohn's paintings,
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Kona Koi II
acrylic on paper     22 x 30"     $1,600

Kona Koi III
acrylic on paper     22 x 30"     $1,600

Kona Koi V
acrylic on paper     15 x 22"     $1,200


Giclée Print Reproductions

A small number of Jacob Kohn's paintings are available as fine quality giclée art reproductions

All of these images are printed on Torchon 285gsm natural white acid-free watercolor paper for a high quality collectable work of art. The prints in this, the first series of Jacob’s giclée production, are derived from original oil paintings and are limited to editions of 50 images each. 

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

To purchase prints please contact the gallery at 800/858-5063.

Copper Creek     22 x 31"     $550

Lago Verde     22 x 31"     $550

Leaf Dancer     23 x 31"     $550

Jade Pool     12 x 32"     $550

Rainbow Lake     12 x 31"     $550

Yin Yang     12 x 29"     $550

Kandy Koi    12 x 36"     $550

Landscape V     24 x 31"     $550

Nympheas     35 x 15"     $550