ANGELE - Oil Painter

Coupeville painter Angèle infuses her world with color through pastels, watercolors and oils. She loves the challenge of a blank canvas; the prospect of a new beginning. “There’s an excitement and exuberance in the beginning of each painting,” she said. “I have a need to paint, to express whatever I’ve got going on inside.”

oil on canvas    16 x 20"    $1,200

Lake Chelan
oil on canvas   18 x 24"   $1,200

Angèle said she feels her strengths are in the way she uses the paint and her use of color. “Painting is a series of corrections. When I don’t see any more need for corrections, I know I’m finished; though I feel as if with every painting, I’m never really finished."

Whidbey Sunset  I
oil on masonite   10 x 10"   $300

Whidbey Sunset  II
oil on masonite    10 x 10"    $300

Whidbey Sunset  III
oil on masonite   10 x 10"   $300

Wintry Reflections
oil on canvas   30 x 30"   $2,200

Essence of Lavender
oil on canvas  30 x 30"   $2,200   

As a child growing up in Munich in post WWII Germany painting was always something she imagined doing.

“I have fond memories of tagging along with my dad on his plein aire excursions and outdoor exhibits in and around bombed-out Munich.” 

Her first summer job in Munich was painting animation celluloids in the studio where her mother worked as an animator. She was 14 and all the money she made went toward a plane ticket to America where she moved with her mom to start a new life.

Late Summer   oil on canvas  24 x 36"   $2,400

Another Grey Day     oil on canvas  24 x 36"   $2,400  SOLD

Happy Tulips      oil on canvas   24 x 24"   $1,400

In New York, she attended the High School of Art and Design and spent evenings and weekends painting “Felix the Cat” animation cels to help out her mom at work. Later, Angèle moved to Los Angeles where she painted Flintstone and Scooby Doo cels at Hanna-Barbera Studio and continued to produce animation for television and film. 

Fast forward to present-day Whidbey Island where Angèle paints still lifes and landscapes

Which of hers is her favorite painting? 

“It’s going to be the next one, hopefully,” she said.

Driftwood Mama    oil on canvas   18 x 24"    $1,400

  Bales of Gold    oil on canvas   12 x 24"   $1,200

Bales of Gold   oil on canvas   12 x 24"   $1,200

To purchase or inquire about Angèle's currently available work,
please contact the gallery at 800/858-5063.