ANNE BELOV - Painter and Printmaker

Summer Shadows   oil on linen   20 x 24"   $3,800

Yes...   oil on linen

Lunch in the Time of Peonies   oil on linen

Versatility is one of the hallmarks of Anne Belov's art. Working in oil on linen or panel, with egg tempera, or with etching and mono prints, the artist's main concern for the past 35 years has been the portrayal of light, structure, color and the specificity of place and time.

Landscape, still life, and interior imagery are all part of her repertoire. Using time-tested techniques, Belov finely crafts her paintings and custom finishes her frames as well.

Other Rooms
oil on linen on panel

Closing Time, Ebury Road
egg tempera with oil glazes   11 x 14"   $2,300

Portal - the Reading Room
oil on linen on panel

egg tempera with oil glazes   11 x 14"   $2,300

Anne Belov continues to explore the ancient medium of egg tempera, using egg yolk to bind powdered pigment in order to create the her colors. The paint is applied in many thin, translucent layers, using small brush strokes. The finished painting achieves a lustrous quality, which she finishes with oil glazing to bring an additional richness to the finished painting.

Anne has traveled to Europe several times and each trip she has been inspired by the art history, architecture, landscape and light she's observed. The patinas of the old buildings, fading and peeling posters on a wall, the dimly lit streets and alleys at dusk, all became compelling subject matter on a recent trip to Italy to study the luminous technique of egg tempera painting.

Just Another Balancing Act
oil over egg tempera
8 x 10"     $1,050

On Pins and Needles
oil over egg tempera
12 x 9"     $1,600

What I Remember
oil over egg tempera
8 x 10"     $1,050

How Time Passes
oil on linen     20 x 24"     $3,800

Vineyard Sojourn
acrylic on panel     26 x 32"     $5,000

Gardening is one of Belov's great loves,
that continuously inspires many of her paintings, as do her home surroundings, which she masterfully portrays in a variety of light. "I try to portray the bond I feel with my surroundings, whether it's the home front or the temporary port of my travels. Each group of paintings that I do is a connected story, with the subject of one painting feeding the next."

Most of Anne Belov's paintings are oil on linen, due to the depth and luminosity the artist finds with oil paint, and which particularly suits her subject matter. 

"I start by gluing Belgian or Italian linen onto hardboard with rabbit skin glue," Belov said. "I then make an egg-oil emulsion rabbit-skin-glue gesso according to traditional recipes. The resulting painting ground is more absorbent than acrylic or oil-based gessoes. 

To purchase or inquire about more of Anne's currently available work,
lease contact the gallery at 800/858-5063.



One Perfect Afternoon   oil on linen

Just Outside   oil on linen

September's Last Dance    oil on linen

The Days of Wine and Peonies   oil on linen

The Yellow Bucket   oil on linen

Early Summer on the Piazza   oil on linen

Among the Rhododendrons   oil on linen



The Rites of Spring   oil on linen

Spring Offering  oil on linen

An Old Familiar Pattern   oil on linen

In the Spring   oil on linen

No Better Than They Should Be   oil on linen

Forty Shades of Blue   oil on linen

One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer   oil on linen


Harvest Trio   oil on linen

Fruits of Labour   oil on linen

Breaking the Crust   oil on linen


Where You'll Find Me, Now   oil on linen

Winter Passage   oil on linen

Reflected Light   oil on linen

Morning Ritual   oil on linen

Remains of the Day   oil on linen

In My Corner   oil on linen

When the Phone Doesn't Ring   oil on linen

Getting the News   oil on linen


Morning Rush   oil on linen

All in a Day's Work   oil on linen

Breaking Fast - Terminal Market
oil on linen


In the Deep Midwinter   oil on linen

How We Pass the Winter   oil on linen


Traveling by Water   oil on linen

Living by Water   oil on linen

Afternoon on the Loggia
oil on linen

oil on linen

Assisi Sun and Shadow
oil on linen


Near Blackpool   oil on paper

Barn Near Gunnards Head
oil on paper

Late Afternoon, Ewing Road
oil on linen


Anne Belov is an accomplished printmaker as well. Working in etching and mono prints she bring the same attention to light, composition and detail to her graphic work as in her paintings.

Lost in a Book   monoprint

Ice   monoprint

Sanctuary   monoprint

House on the Hill   lithograph

Asparagus   monoprint

To purchase or inquire about more of Anne's currently available work,
please contact the gallery at 800/858-5063.