TAMMI SLOAN - Handcrafted Jewelry

Stretching the boundaries between metal-smithing and sculpture, Whidbey Island artist Tammi Sloan creates unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry from a relatively new material called metal clay. 

Metal Clay and Enamel Pendants

Silver Clay Earrings

Metal clay can be copper or silver held together by an organic binder. When fired with extreme heat in a kiln, the binder burns away, leaving only the metal. The process gives the artist more flexibility in creating designs.

Her “My Brown Wren” designs are exquisitely refined, which makes her work unique among many metal clay artisans. With her eclectic style and minimalist’s aesthetic, her pieces, stand-out for their unique, earthy designs and the artist’s particular use of color with metal.  Sloan is inspired by things as diverse as nature, architecture, ancient cultures or the beads on her workbench. As the title of her jewelry line suggests, she is especially fond of birds and bird houses, which make an appearance in many of her pieces.

To purchase or inquire about currently available pieces,
please contact the gallery at 800/858-5063.

A class with master enamelist Mary Chuduck, taught her soldering and cloisonné and she has learned how to etch metal in a salt bath using electricity. The process is called electrolytic etching and uses no harmful chemicals or acid.

Sloan has taken many classes along the way, choosing processes and teachers to suit the needs of her rapidly growing awareness of possibilities, fueled by her highly creative imagination. Hammering sheet metal, using a jewelers saw, etching, making components; if she didn’t know how to do it, she sought out people who could teach her.

In so doing, she has become a teacher herself and offers classes in electrolytic etching, metal clay and enameling, and in making handcrafted findings, as well as other processes.