No matter what his subject, landscape or still life, or whether he is painting with oil or watercolors, Pete Jordan is a master of the form. Jordan’s paintings reveal the quiet drama of nature and its change of seasons, while also conjuring up a certain nostalgia for time and place. A country lane in the evening light, an old barn near a coastline, a stretch of farmland in sunlight, as well as his fascination with the objects of daily living, are all revealed exquisitely with the skill, confidence and originality of this self-taught painter.

Summer Morning, Bayview    oil    19x26   $2500 framed

Birdsview Autumn    oil    11x14   $1400 framed

Autumn     oil    SOLD

Bayview, Winter     oil    SOLD

Fall Leaves     oil   11x14   $1400 framed

Born in Grand Rapids, Minn. in 1949, Jordan moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1968. Following an early childhood interest, he has been painting full-time since 1970. Combining a background in the environmental sciences with an interest in the natural world, this artist is able to portray subjects that are both uncomplicated and, at the same time, accurate in their detail.

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Deer Lagoon     oil       SOLD

Deer Lagoon Moonset    oil       SOLD

Deer Lagoon, High Noon   oil   SOLD

Methow River, Autumn     oil    SOLD

Bayview Pasture     oil    8x12.5   $900 framed


Pete says he has always been fascinated with old stuff. His still-life pieces reflect an nostalgia for a bygone era and feature lanterns, oil cans, a workingman’s tools and old equipment in general. 

Lantern and Twine     oil    SOLD

Mac 15     oil

Brass Blowtorch     oil

Sugar Bowl     oil

RPM     watercolor    SOLD

Blue Cookie Tin     oil    SOLD

Grain Scoop     oil      SOLD

Hartline     watercolor

Back Lot     oil

As a lifelong hiker, Jordan’s love and respect for the natural world is evident in his landscapes. Viewers often comment on his use of light, but it’s the subject that drives this artist. Jordan is drawn to the often unnoticed cycle of days ﹣ the morning light on a road, shadows on a field, snow alongside a path next to a fence. The viewer is transported to a time and place where light and weather and a certain nostalgic feeling are evident. Jordan’s work is expertly subtle. It is evokes a sense of the familiar, while expressing a keen appreciation for the natural world.

Washington Pass     oil    SOLD

Heart of the Palouse     oil    SOLD