Linnane Armstrong grew up on Whidbey Island in a family of artists. Nature has always been her most influential muse and her form of choice is relief printmaking, which she said allows her to express a unique view of the beauty she finds in nature. Detailed patterns adorn dramatic landscapes and natural elements in her linocut and woodcut prints inspired by water, tree, sun, moon, sky, beach, prairie and the animals that have surrounded her throughout her life on the island.

What the Day Might Bring - hand-colored linoleum block print

Evening Moon
seven-block linoleum print

High Skies Harvest
six-block linoleum print

Festival Time
linoleum block print

She begins most pieces by sketching on location, and taking some reference photos. Later, in her Coupeville studio, she details the composition, values and the colors of the sketch.

“Most of my linocuts are printed in one color, either designed as monochrome prints, or awaiting hand-applied watercolor paintings over the finished prints,” Armstrong said. 

“To create a multiple-color woodcut, I carve a separate block of wood for each color in the design, printing them in layers to achieve the full image.”

To purchase or inquire about Linnane Armstrong's currently available block prints,
lease contact the gallery at 800/858-5063.

Windswept Madrona linoleum block print

Windswept Madrona
linoleum block print

Fly, Fly Away
linoleum block print

First Flurry  linoleum block print

First Flurry
linoleum block print

Each hand-printed block print may have slight natural variances from one print to the next, adding to the uniqueness and charm of these original artworks.

“I try to capture intense light and dark values, as well as the patterns that transition between them, in ways that will draw the viewer deep into the scene,” the artist said.

Ebey's Landing - linoleum block print

Afternoon in the Orchard  linoleum block print

Afternoon in the Orchard
linoleum block print

Rising with the Sun
five-block linoleum print

Fibonacci Series - set of four
hand-colored linoleum block prints
also available individually

Gilded Lily
linoleum block print

linoleum block print