ANGIE DIXON - Sumi Painter

Asian Brush and Ink, or Sumi painting originated in the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD) and is a form of painting that strives to  capture the spirit of its subject rather than simple reproduce what is seen. Making use of line, shading, washes and color, the artists creates the painting using each sparingly, just enough to capture form, texture and mood.

Once a brush stroke has been made it can not be erased or changed, making Sumi painting a demanding art form requiring great skill, concentration and decisiveness.

Galapagos Tortoise    sumi ink on paper    $1,400

Angie Dixon studied under renowned Japanese Sumi and Calligraphy Master George Tsutakawa at the University of Washington, who became a great influence on her work, as did other Northwest School artists like Paul Horiuchi, Kenneth Callahen, Mark Tobey, and Morris Graves.

Practicing both  a traditional style and a more contemporary style using time honored techniques to combine them with non traditional materials in surprising ways, Angie has become masterfully skilled at both.

Reeds     sumi ink on paper     $

Blue Dragonfly     sumi ink on paper     $1,200

"When I went to the People’s Republic of China in 1984, where Asian brush and ink painting originated in the Tang Dynasty, I was given yet another perspective on creating images with brush and ink," Dixon said.

"The common thread through all these teachings was a profound respect for nature and the forces of creative energy beyond the technical world.  It is my intent to carry forward this tradition and express in my own artistic language the same respect and love of the natural world."

Two Ducks Flying
sumi ink on paper     SOLD

sumi ink on paper     $1,200

Black Sheep
sumi ink on paper     SOLD

Grizzly     sumi ink on paper     $1,800

Mount Rainier     sumi ink on paper     $1,600

Coots     sumi on paper     $800

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Slide Show of Dixon's Paintings


Contemporary Sumi Paintings

Angie's contemporary style of painting…

Through the Woods     sumi ink on paper