ALEX OLSON - Woodturning

When asked why he works with wood, Alex replied “What I love about woodturning is the element of mystery and surprise that comes with each piece I turn. When I put a chunk of wood on the lathe, I only have a vague idea of what the final bowl or vessel will look like. The process of determining the size and shape of a form is somewhat spontaneous once shavings start flying every-which-way and I start to get a clearer sense of the wood’s grain.”

Birch Vessel Trio

“With every piece, I simply carve the wood until I like its shape, at which point I refine, sand and finish it. This process allows my creativity to flourish and results in the design of each form complimenting the grain of the wood.” I have been woodturning for six years and absolutely love it. The process of taking a rough log from the forest and turning it into an aesthetically pleasing bowl is extremely gratifying and rewarding.” 

Yew Round

Solar Flare

Says Alex, “The two artists that have significantly influenced my work are the adept Seattle turner Diana Friend and the world renowned David Ellsworth. As always, I look forward to turning more bowls and hollow vessels in the years to come!”

Turning on the lathe

To purchase or inquire about more of Alex's currently available work,
please contact the gallery at 800/858-5063.